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  • Multivitamin & Minerals Tablet -60


    There is no denying that the essential things required for proper functioning are the use of multivitamins and minerals. Your body won’t withstand an active and demanding physical lifestyle if proper multivitamins and minerals are not provided. However, the best approach is to use these tablets just to assist you. To have a healthy life, you will need to have a proper diet. These tablets can assist and ultimately boost your physical health.

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  • CQ10 100mg Tablet – 30


    Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone, Q10, or UQ) is associated with one of the essential vitamins, vitamin E. It is very crucial and is a part of the mitochondrial respiratory chain in a lot of organisms. For the production of cellular energy, Coenzyme Q10 is required, which can also act as an antioxidant for the body. Most of the time, it is believed that the deficiency of Q10 may not occur; however, it can sometimes occur due to (myopathy) despite being rare. In case if it does, the treatment would then become inevitable. In addition to this, it is also believed that cardiovascular diseases happen due to the deficiency of Q10.

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  • Skin Health Tablet 60


    Taking care of skin from harmful and polluted air can be a daunting task. It can cause various problems. A few of the indications of skin health problems are dark circles, Pigmentation, and Melasma. If you detect any skin health issues, make sure to take our skin health tablet Pycnogenol. It does not just eradicate the issue of pigmentation but also helps in hydrating the skin.

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